Hurricane Ian Wipes Out Florida

Hurricane Ian Wipes Out Florida

Haley Graff, Author

The category 5 hurricane, Ian wipes out the Southwest Florida coast severely negatively impacting civilians seriously, and now making its way to South Carolina we prepare but hope we have left the wort behind us. 

Many in southwestern Florida were left with no electricity, water, home, and very little food. Many had saved themselves from the tragedy by evacuating from the conditions and going elsewhere, but many decided to stay. 

Ian is heading to South Carolina and we are all worried about what will come. Sustained winds are up to 150mph. Many are preparing, and others are evacuating in South Carolina. 

In Florida, rescue supports have just arrived finding dogs, cats, and people stuck hurt and without a home many are struggling with shelter and were to live near the southwest coast of Florida many homes have been torn down, some burnt, and lots flooded. 

Houses in Fort Myers Florida, 10/3/22. Destruction from Hurricane Ian, left many homes unfixable.

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President Biden says he will be visiting the scene as soon as it is safe to do so. Even though told to evacuate many stayed and suffered the consequences. Of those who stayed, some made wild escapes. Some jet skied and kayaked through the streets of chest-high or higher water. Others huddled on top of cars seeking shelter. The flooding was so towering that they were forced to flee to their second floors for safety. 

Ian has already killed dozens of Floridians. We all wish for this cyclone’s terror to end.