The Denver Broncos Disappointing Start to the NFL Season

Russel Wilson losing against the Seattle seahawks

Russel Wilson losing against the Seattle seahawks

Antonio Troche, Author

    The Denver Broncos came into the season as Superbowl contenders with their new QB Russell Wilson and freshly hired coaching staff. Many people thought the Broncos were going to be an outstanding team but so far they have lost 3 games to the Seahawks, Raiders, and Colts. Many fans have even booed their own team due to the bad playcalling. The defense has overall been solid it’s just the offense running very conservative plays such as Play actions and not very spread out receivers. Every time the Broncos run good plays they always get good yardage. 

    The biggest disappointment in the Bronco’s season has been Russel Wilson, who had high expectations coming into the 22-23 NFL season. In the NFL season, Russell Wilson has a QB rating of 36.5% which is one of the worst in the league. In week 5 against the Indianapolis colts, he had a QB Rating of 15.9 which is absolutely terrible for the expectation he had coming into this game. Russell Wilson has only had a good connection with Courtland Sutton as him being his primary target. As Russell Wilson gets used to the Denver Broncos Offense we hope it will improve this season going forward.

The Denver Broncos offense is rated 17 in the power rankings. They’ve completed many shots downfield to people such as Courtland Sutton and Jerry Juedy that’s what still has them decently rated. Getting deeper into the NFL season as Russell Wilson gets used to his new teammates and coaches we hope Russel Wilson will be better going on and hopefully complete more passes and win more games and hope to come to a winning record.