5 Best Halloween Costumes


Adam W. Bellomo, Writer

#5 – The Koolaid man is a character known and beloved by anyone who has ever seen one of his commercials.   This costume is by no means a DIY costume but it still makes for a great idea that is recognizable everywhere.  The costume is 130 dollars but such a simple and creative costume should never be disregarded.

#4 – Do you have someone in your life that needs a little bit of harmless mockery?  Do this.  Make a list of all the weird and well-known things your friend does.  Grab clothes in their style from goodwill, practice their tone, and set out to surprise all your friends with this strange new twin!

#3 – Megamind is the main character in the 2010 movie Megamind that embodies emotion and actions silly, extravagant, and a little bit crazy.  This character style is one that almost anyone could achieve with a little bit of gilded practice, making Megamind just a fun idea fit for anyone who wants to.

#2 – Bonne and Clyde were some of the biggest criminals in the world during the Great Depression and would forever leave a mark on the world.  Such an iconic duo makes for the perfect Halloween costume for a couple of friends.  

#1 – A group costume is the greatest costume because not only do you get to spend time with all of your favorite people, but you also get to be creative!  Whether you become a line of Kit-Kat, the Scooby-Doo group, or each part of a burger, the time spent together plays the biggest role.