Honey Trap

Honey Trap

Adam W. Bellomo, Writer

There lay, the honey trap

Thick like a sugary sap

The aroma, so strong

It doesn’t take long for those who don’t belong to be drawn

Beginning to creep closer, their eyes bolster

Promises of delight within, dangers hidden

Finally, one fly lands gracefully

The golden glow gleams as they fall into their dreams

Satisfied, they leave, naive to the difficulties

A craving so strong they can not resist, they return and enter bliss

Temporary though, it fades yet again their attempt to attain left in vain

The pattern goes on, indulge and contract they lack any other tack

Wings crusted over from so many visits leave the flies without a key to the skies

They scramble to the nectar, a sort of sector of death

Falling into the jug they are broken bugs.

Joining so many before, they enter the galore 

Sinking into the paste they sip with haste

Honey, now caving in, and the newest victims begin. 

Sip, sip, sip, away, another day slips away  

No one may hear their ugly wails, as the honey trap prevails.