The Adventurer

The Adventurer

Asher Kornberg, Writer

I loved to live by myself and dreamed of living in the woods, having a garden with fresh water that I could drink. My parents always told me that I need to have a job to live but I wanted to prove them wrong. I looked at spots on the internet but nothing came to me. I had to rent some places but I didn’t want to pay to live. 

My parents got worried about me but I said “I was finally going out and trying to live in a forest.” I got what I needed to live and extra things if I would go back home. It took me a couple of days but I finally went out to find a home. After a day of searching, I stayed in a hotel in the mountains for one night. In the morning went out again to find a home.

I asked people where a forest was but all they said was we are in the mountains there are no forests with trees everywhere. I started to give up on the tenth person I talked to so I drove home after they all told me that there were no forests. 

When I was driving out of the mountains when I saw something on the ground with 4 trees surrounding it. I pulled over and walked to it, it had vines, leaves, and sparkling water next to it. When I touched the water it felt so cool and nice. The door that I saw had vines that grew over it like an arch with blue flowers around the trap door. When I reached over and grabbed the handle and opened the door I saw there was water flowing down the steps with leaves on the walls and vines on the edge of the steps.

 I walked down, down, down, until I thought it would never end so I looked back but as I was I saw something, something big, there was a bear with blue diamonds as eyes and colorful paint as its body. I didn’t know what to do so I ran down the steps as fast as I could but the bear was still right behind me, looking at me with his blue eyes. I kept running down and down but I didn’t go anywhere.

 It felt like it went on forever and that’s when I saw another animal. I tried to stop fast but the water made me slip and go flying through the air on the wolf’s back. When I landed on him it didn’t feel hard, It felt soft like a pillow made of water. He leaned to one side to get me off so I dropped down so he could do something. I didn’t know what was happening until I saw them fight each other, they fought until one of them was on the ground. I tried to run away but I wasn’t going anywhere like before.

 I looked back and the wolf was staring at me with gold eyes. I kept walking so he couldn’t attack me. I kept walking and then he jumped towards me and made me fall on the wet slippery steps that hurt my back and made my shirt wet. I got up slowly and put my hand out so he couldn’t attack me again. He walked closer until his head was on my hand. I looked at him and saw that he pounded the ground with his paw.

Then I felt the ground open up and then we fell through the hole and landed on a pile of pillows. I then got off it and slowly walked back from the wolf but I felt something touch my back. It was a lion and soon I saw there were a bunch of animals with fresh water and a little shed next to it. The tiger behind me tucked my back and felt that my back was healing itself and that is when I told myself this is where I am going to live.

I called my parents and told them that I know where I am going to live. Then they asked “were!”

“I don’t know,” and then I hung up.