Facts About Cats


Mae Wall, Author

Cats are the only mammals who don’t taste sweetness! The reason why this is, is because one of the two genes necessary to make the sweetness receptor got permanently switched off millions of years ago!



   Cats have more bones than humans(Humans have 206 bones while cats have 244) Adult cats have 30 teeth and kittens have 26 teeth!  And can also run around 48 kph(30 mph) but only short distances. Cats can jump 5 times their height and house cats shar 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers. And can cry just like any human being but they dont cry emotional tears from sadness or from pain. They cry out in the sense that they might vocalize(meow,yowl,etc.)Have you ever wondered why cats licked you? Well they like you to create a special bond with their owner. Adult mothers also do this to not just groom their kittens but to also show affection. And when cats continue to lick you it will become a natural habit.Do cats like Music? Yes but only cat appropriate music that they even might rub their butts on the speakers. And the secret about it is that the notes in music are similar in frequency to the notes feline purr to, or the low pitched and high pitched sounds they communicate with, such as meowing.And did you know that cats fart? Yep they do cats do get gas Haha! I have heard one fart before. They do like any other animal. They usually do it quietly so there isn’t much odor to it.