What is the most important thing in our life


Benjamin Lindsay, Writer


What is the most important thing in our life? Is it money, is it friends, is it life? Well, the most important thing is something called a legacy. Some people, even famous ones, would have to throw away anything to secure their legacy. But why would we do all those things for our legacy? What is a legacy?

Alexander Hamilton described a legacy as, “Planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” A legacy is what keeps your memory alive after your death. If you had no legacy, nobody would remember you and you’ll be forgotten. If you had a legacy you would be practically immortal, one film director named Jake Roper once said, “One does not have to be alive to be immortal, if we keep our legacy alive then even in 1000 years people will still remember you.”

Now, why is a legacy important?  If you have ever watched the Disney movie Coco, you might remember the part where the grandfather was in pain and then turned to dust because he was forgotten. That’s you without your legacy. Do you think that the president or the richest man in the world could BUY a legacy? No amount of money in the world could buy you a legacy.

A legacy is when you plant seeds in a garden you never get to see by you but is seen by your family and friends when they tell your story. When you take your place among the gods when your legacy lives on.