Murky Sabotage


Lorenzo Martinez, Author

During the tournament of the fishing league, Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky the tournament revealed the extreme cheating of these two men that were known to be holding the winning streak in fishing.

America is known for its competitive sports but it comes to all seriousness among some people with winning the title of best fisherman. In the depths of the cold murky water, lines are cast all day long as the tournament begins. The pressure is severe though, and the tension rises. People from around the world come with fierce and fiery spirits. Lots of people with completely different views and opinions come to watch and join.

This year, the two all-time winners with their streak came back for more glory but what the competition didn’t know was they had a little secret that was helping them win all this time.

During the tournament, Jacob Runyan, and Ryan Cominsky both seemed confident from the beginning. This didn’t seem to bother any other competitive fisherman because the two men were confident winners from the year before, but this wasn’t the case this time! It wasn’t obvious but they both had a trick up their sleeves and planned to use it. Before the competition started, they stuffed huge lead balls to win the competition fishing down the fish throats and placing them back in the water so that later on, they’d be sure to easily find the fish.

When the competition started, they gained the lead with no struggle. This occurred to one fisherman that something was off, why had the been catching fish so fast? Sure enough, after the competition ended, the men won. The other fisherman was still curious, so he got a lead detector and scanned the fish to make sure that they were clear of any cheating. The detector went off loudly so he ran to their buckets and started squeezing huge balls of lead out of the mouths of the fish as the audience watched in disgust. 

That day they had been kicked out and known for their shame and knew to never cheat again.