Top 4 Haunted Houses to go to Halloween 2022


Layla Macon, Writer

October is here which means spooky season is near and that also means the scary stories are rolling in the history of the stories and sometimes when your a big fan  of spooky season you want the real life experience you want the thrill and this year these are the haunted houses that you will want to go to get that thrill of a lifetime

#1 on the list is 13 floors haunted house. The haunted house is full of surprises and thrill. It is a very popular place to go and you’ll have a very great time.

#2 on the list is the Frightmare compound. Leave your siblings at home and have a great time at this scare fest full of surprises. And It’s said that the founder, Brad Holder had his last resting place on the grounds of this very compound. Sightings of him have been reported by Denver residents, but nothing has been proven. When you make your way through our haunted house, don’t be surprised if you come face to face with the ghost of Brad Holder.

#3 on the list is the Haunted field of screams. This is the place that you come to SCREAM and trust you’ll have a great time at this field of screams. Legend has it, long ago a man went mad burning down his mansion with his family trapped inside. With the structure left in ashes, the only thing left standing was the iron gates. Since the malicious incident, locals have reported evil beings roaming the road looking for their next victim. So if you love horror this is the place for you.

#4 on the list is Terror In the Corn this haunted house has a long story and here’s just part of it.  On October 31, 1851.  East Bridge, New York.  Twin siblings, Charles and Mildred Wells were born… or rather… unleashed into this world.  They were beautiful children… on the outside.  Inside a playful desire to torture and maim festered and grew.  Their childhood was rather uneventful or so one would believe. 

So if any of those spooky scary haunted houses look intresting to you go out and have some fun with your friends and be prepared to have some jump scares because you’ll get some.