The Truth of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables have a dark side.


Charles Augustine, Author

Do you know how everybody says that eating fruits and vegetables is healthy for you? We’ve been eating fruits and vegetables for over 40,000 years now, so why could it be bad now?

Others say that all vegetables are healthy and won’t deny it because scientists have found out that if we didn’t have these fruits and vegetables, it’s true. If you don’t eat fruits and vegetables you will be at risk for chronic disease. Therefore you should eat fruits and vegetables but you have to eat the right ones.

According to Dr. Steven Grundy — a world-renowned heart surgeon — many so-called “health foods” in the American diet contain a potentially dangerous substance that could be expanding your waistline.

“This substance can causes micro-tears to form in your fragile intestinal-wall — allowing bacteria and waste products to seep into your body.” Says Dr. Grundy. “Warning signs can include weight gain, fatigue, digestive discomfort, stiff, achy joints, and even skin problems.”

The good news is, this problem can be easily helped from your own home. “It’s very simple. You just have to know which foods are actually healthy, and which contain this hidden substance,” he explains. Some of the good foods are pistachios and walnuts which contain Butyrate. Some of the bad foods are peanuts, cashews and string beans which these contain Lectins.