Should Homeless People be Allowed to Sleep in their Cars?


Emilie Mullison, author


        Picture this: someone has a family and a job but does not have a high-paying job. Should they sleep in their car? What do you think? 

 YES, I believe that someone should be able to sleep in a car because they are working hard and deserve to sleep in a car if it is their only choice. Also, people can become homeless if they do not have a car to sleep in.  It is better than sleeping on the streets because it can be cold and dangerous.

For example, if a dad works at a job, but does not make enough to get an apartment, his family should be able to sleep in the parking lot of the job in the back because it is safer if they have kids or an older person sleeping in the car. If the dad’s job does not allow the dad’s family to sleep in the parking lot of the place he works at so the family finds another place and this place is very fancy do you think that the owners of this fancy place are going to let them sleep there… probably not which is sad but that is just how society works. That’s why I think having man-made parking lots for people that sleep in their cars is a great idea!  

We could have so much less stress for people that need to find a place to sleep in. As I believe people in this classroom have a house or an apartment and I hope to have enough money for food, this is a big privilege for the people in this class. Many people without a home do not have the privilege to have a house or essence and even food or water!  Which is insane!  I believe that all people should be able to have food and water to live.   You may not see homeless people as often as you think but Denver is rated 13 for people without a home. Denver has 2,530 people in shelters on Feb. 26, 2021, that reported being newly homeless, up from 1,273 people during the January 2020 count, a sign of the crushing impact of COVID-19 on housing security in the Denver area, service providers say. Jan 21, 2022

Thank you so much for listening and I hope you now believe that people of the homeless should be able to sleep in their cars now.