The Best Places to Watch Sports on TV


Lauren Bisping , Writer

There are many different places to watch sports on your television. So here are some recommendations and how much each of them cost. 

Youtube TV is one place you can watch sports live. It costs about $65 a month and includes free unlimited storage and six accounts per household. You can also change the settings of youtube tv to be in Spanish. Youtube Tv not only has sports, but you can watch the news, tv shows, movies, and more. 

ESPN+ is a popular well-known place to watch sports on TV. It costs about ten dollars a month and includes live events, replays of games you missed, and TV shows. While ESPN+ is a lot cheaper per month than youtube TV it is important to note that the live games do unfortunately come with commercials just like on live TV. And UFC PPV (pay-per-view) costs $75 for existing subscribers with a membership and a plan for new customers that includes one PPV event and a one-year membership for $125.

Fox Sports Go is another slightly less well-known place to watch sports. Fox Sports Go is free with youtube TV, Hulu+Live TV, AT&T TV, and Sling TV. You cannot watch Fox Sports Go without a membership to one of the above-mentioned TV providers so. Hulu+Live TV costs a flat rate of $55 per month and Fox Sports Go can be accessed through that. It can also be found on youtube TV and for more information on YouTube TV, you can read the above paragraph on YouTube TV.

Finally, you can also watch sports on Direct TV on your TV, and it has all live sports games like football. And you can watch almost everything on Direct TV from home renovation shows to SpongeBob SquarePants! Direct TV packages start at $65 per month.

There are also many other places to watch TV to watch sports, but these are just a few easy-to-access options for anyone to try.