Portal 2 Review Spoilers


James McMahon, Writer

Review Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle game that was released on April 19, 2011, for the PlayStation 3 and was made compatible with most devices with an interaction physics engine and some small action elements but the antagonist is GLaDOS and Wheatley which swap roles in the game the previous villain in “Portal” and you kill it in the last game but when you are trying to escape the facility which is your goal in the portal and portal 2 but the main thing that makes this game unique is the portal gun it makes portal that you use to defeat the main enemy and all the test chambers and enemies in them which are the turrets that are little turret with you defeat them by dropping them and when they die they fire bullets in all direction which can kill the player and the beginning the first test chamber induce the early concepts of the portal games to teach the player how to play the game and what skills they will need to play this game like if you have in a portal you keep the momentum that you have through and lasers and the portals which will play importance later in the game. Chapter 1 and 2 are just tutorials.

Chapter 3

Is the introduction to the game inducing the final concept of hard light bridges and turrets as the only threat except for falling into a bottomless pit and water in the old test chambers and defeating the turrets maybe be a challenge to people at first as they are not always easy enemies and you have to use your intelligence to beat these challenges and be creative and the next. 

Chapter 4

The last decrepit test chambers are not remarkable except for Wheatley breaking in one in the hallway between test chambers 20 and 21 in which he drops bird egg in the door and spends most of the time being attacked by birds and says he will break you out in the next chamber.

Chapter 5

You escape out of chambers and into the facility before GLaDOS can kill you and then you go on a long quest to deactivate her Neriotoxin and turrets and then you go confront GLaDOS and put Wheatley in and you beat GLaDOS and institute a core transfer and then Wheatley sends you up in the elevator but when you reach around halfway up his laugh turn from funny to Sinclkely and he asks  “why they have to leave right now” and then it gets worse as he takes credit for all of what you did then GLaDOS spiteful praise you then Wheatley put GLaDOS in a potato battery and witch goes into GLaDOS insulting saying “the moron they built to make me an idiot” and which he throws you down a pit to the lowest point in the game.

Chapter 6

You enter a cutscene when you reach the bottom you see GLaDOS being abducted by a crow and when you get up and travel to the 1950s testing chamber and witch you are led by Cave Johnson in test shaft 9 and go to pump station alfa that activates repulsion jel and go to the first Enrichment Sphere which is where you fist mess with population jell and then go up the 1970s testing area and finds GLaDOS again and sewer her on your portal gun and activates you second population gel at pump station bata and then you make your way through the contaminated sphere with a new gel Conversion gel that and as you listen to the pre-recordings you hear that the company is losing money as they at first and go from using Olympics athlete and astronauts to homeless people getting 60$ for this and GLaDOS realizes that she is Mr. Cave Johnson’s assistant Caroline put in a machine and suppressed after a bit you learn that Mr. Cave Johnson is dying to moon rock poisoning and you learn that moon rock are portal conductive which means that you can put portals on the surface.

Chapter 8

On witch you that Wheatley has completely resigned from the enrichment center and has completely ignored his responsibility and then an announcement plays saying that self-destruction will occur in and then Wheatley turns it off saying he has fixed it and this happening because he did not maintain the nuclear rector and later is say that nuclear meltdown will occur in 3 hours then the ground shake and Wheatley go to fix and when he gets back the ground shake again 3 time Wheatley saying this for old times sakes and when you meet Wheatley GLaDOS tries to kill Wheatley with a logic paradox witch Wheatley does not understand what it is and just says I will go with true and after that, you solve the same test again and you find about GLaDOS body having an euphoric reaction to testing and you find your self solving increasingly dangerous tests.

Chapter 9

Then Wheatley traps you and you escape by using timely executed portals and he still tries to kill you bit but it is hampered by poorly aimed crushers’ lack of forethought and tries to talk you into killing yourself and eventually ends up in the maintenance and comes across a cache of corrupted core and witch GLaDOS gets the idea to get enough cropped core on to Wheatley that she can force another core transfer and then a battle ensues with you putting corrupted cores on Wheatley and when you try to press the core transfer button he bombs it and then you put a portal on the moon at what is assumed the Apollo 17 landing site.