Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf

Olympia Mays, Author

Vince Kadlubek was struck with the idea of Meow Wolf on February, 2008 after seeing the “crisis of imagination”, building his first one in Santa Fe, and later others popped up in Las Vegas, and in Denver. Originally, Meow Wolf started off as a group project by multiple different Santa Fe artists. Together they created an interactive museum, from top to bottom of surrealism. Each Meow Wolf also has a hidden story that you can achieve by picking up hints and looking carefully at everything. (Or if you really want to, just search it up) But you don’t have to, and you can just enjoy it all!


The first one the artists made is called the House of Eternal Return. It first starts off looking like a normal Victorian house, but the further you get in, the more mind-bending and exciting it becomes. Walking through different doors, staircases, and even hidden nooks will lead you to a place that would only exist in your mind. Could this door lead to the bedroom or the backyard, does the washing machine go to an imaginary land or just to the laundry hamper? With this, you never know!


The Omega Mart, the second permanent Meow Wolf built is located in Las Vegas. It is a surreal supermarket of odd names of cereal and bendy soda bottles. Would you buy a cereal that is called “Simply does not contain Spiders” In some corners and sections of the area there are glitch-like sections of the supermarket, and some doors and hidden rooms can lead you to the “Area 15”. Area 15 is a totally bizarre area, with “Haily’s comet” ziplining, and “wormhole” spiral slides that will give you a thrill. 


The newest Meow Wolf was made in 2021, and in Denver, Colorado. Called the Convergence, it displays a story of different dimensions and time travel. Where will you go next, C Street or Ossuray? Eemia or Numina? All four connect to the story of four forgotten people who had a connection with the mystery. You can travel between each dimension easily, totally surreal and fun. Meow Wolf is technically a museum, but it’s more fun, mind-blowing, confusing, and exciting.