Eighth Grade Elf Performance


Sophia Zafra, Author

     The eighth-grade drama class is planning to perform a Christmas-themed performance based on the 2003 movie “Elf”.  Ms. Ganz and Ms. Sax both decided to choose “Elf” as the play because of the silly and light-hearted scenes, saying that many of their students lost the opportunity to have fun during the pandemic. This performance is a hopeful attempt to laugh more and enjoy themselves. The classes have incorporated the best jokes to let loose and just have a blast. 

     The drama classes are currently working on choreography, as there are a lot of big numbers with many people, including singing and dancing. “Elf” is a famous movie to watch during the winter season because of the morals it can spread, like always being cheerful, and how you will eventually achieve your goals through hard work and merry-making. 

     In a first-period eighth-grade drama class, Keaton Stieg will be starring as Buddy, the main character. Jossly Ross-Mahoney will be Jovie, a store worker at Gimbel’s who Buddy finds attractive. Each actor has to be prepared for the performance near the end of the semester, but there is a total of eleven Buddy’s since there will be eleven “Elf” plays. The students are beginning to practice their acts, in accordance with the many joyful songs in the movie. Towards the end of September and the first weeks of October, one of the songs they have been practicing a dance to has been, “World’s Greatest Dad”, in which Buddy sings about his excitement for meeting his genuine father and how much fun they will have together. 

     Most of the students are thrilled to see the play, as the drama students are focusing on many complicated parts and dance moves. Along with the “Elf” performance, there will also be a “Shrek” performance, which many students have been ecstatic about. Based on a recent poll held in a journalism class, 52% of students are looking forward to “Shrek”, while the 48% left are waiting for “Elf”.