Teen Pregnancy


Emely Maldonado, Author

Teen pregnancy is a common thing many women get pregnant before the age of 20+ so there are about 700,00 pregnancies every year.

I believe that teen pregnancy can cause a lack of education because some teens that get pregnant have to drop out of school to avoid rumors and to try to make some money to support the baby and themselves. Some teenagers keep the baby and then parents end up disowning them because they either don’t have enough money or they wanted a better future for their teen. I think that parents want a better future for their teens.

A lot of parents get pregnant and married at a young age and don’t make it to college so they are strict with their kids because they want their kids to go to college, be successful in life, and have what they don’t have. One percent of the pregnant teen population made it to college and became successful. I do believe that parents should teach their children the consequences of having sexual activities and pay a little more attention to their children because pregnancy can be caused by a lack of attention from parents so they feel they can’t tell their parents things. I also think that teenagers should be more open to their parents and how they are feeling and what they need to help them out in ways they can.

Do not get pregnant – you have your whole life ahead of you. Wait until you are older and prepared!