Carebears Advice Column #2

Carebears Advice Column #2

Carebears, advice columnist

Question: -people saying cuss words


  • People saying cuss words will never disappear, so it’s easier to ignore them. No matter what you tell people, they aren’t going to stop saying it, sorry! If it makes you really uncomfortable, ask them to not say them in front of you. They will probably take or leave the request. 


Question- So there’s this girl that I really like and don’t know her that well but I want to ask her out on a date. I need help figuring out what to do for the date and some general advice would be nice


  • To ask a girl out all you need is confidence (Girls find that attractive) Don’t ask someone to do it for you because that’s always a bad idea. Be kind and dress nice. Try to hang out with her more. Become a friendly face. I’m sure that she would love a friend, so start off there. If you need to find something to talk to her about, try and wait until she brings something up that she likes that you have in common (or that you don’t have in common, hey, fake it till you make it my dude) 


Question- How do I tell my crush of 2 years that I like her? Should I even tell her or just remain her friend?

  • Two years is a long time so you must like her a lot and I recommend asking her out if you like her a lot. Make sure she is ready or wants to start a relationship and be straightforward. Just say, “Hey, I don’t want to ruin our friendship, But I have liked you for a long time. If you don’t like me back it’s ok and we can stay friends” But make sure that you don’t guilt her into it.



Question –I have a crush on 3 different guys! And I know they like me back but how do I tell them I like them? and which one to pick?! plz, help!!

  • Find which one you like the most or have the most in common with. And focus on that guy more, If you do end up dating make sure to tell the other guys so they know and don’t get the wrong idea but don’t be rude about it, and make sure the guy you like isn’t rude either.


Question- What do you do when you love your best friend but she breaks your trust and it hurt but she doesn’t care and when you try to talk she ignores you But you still want to be her friend Pls Help 🙁

  • Try and talk to her and if she doesn’t care or try to fix things then she isn’t a real friend.