What is the Best Class

What is the Best Class

August Murphy, Writer

When it comes to classes, everybody has their own opinion on what is the best. Some of it has to do with the teacher or past experiences in that class last year or even at what time of day the class happens but always there is an opinion.  Some people will say it’s language arts maybe because they might like reading and writing the best. Some might say it’s math because they might be good with numbers or they practice more and it has now become easier for them. Some might say it’s science class because they like the labs and simulations. Some might say it’s social studies because they like learning about maps and history. Some might say their favorite classes are their electives because they got to choose the class or it’s just more mellow. My point is that there is not one reason that some people think of an opinion. I’ve talked to some people in my classes and they’ll say something like this class is boring or this is my favorite class but I didn’t hear exactly what they said, so I decided I’m going to interview people. The person I interviewed was a sixth grader.

“What is your favorite class?” I asked.

“Drama.” The sixth grader responded.

“Is it because of your teacher?”

“Yes, she’s really nice, fun, and funny.”

“What do you do in that class that you like?”

“Singing and dancing.”

“Why did you choose this class?”

“I chose this class because my mom said I should do this and it sounded fun.”

So, what I’ve concluded from the interview was that you can’t just have one favorite class. It just depends on what happens in the class and if you like what’s in the class.