Pie or Cake


Eli Marshall, Author

When it comes to debates, there’s a lot of “Does pineapple belong on pizza? Dogs or Cats? What’s the best color?” But one I jump at is “Pie or Cake?” Neither is bad. I’ve personally never complained about having a piece of Cake or Pie, but Pie is better than cake, and here’s why. 

The first reason is – When it comes to cake varieties, you can only name a few: chocolate, red velvet, ice cream (Which you can put on pie), and pound cake. But when it comes to pie, the choice of what flavor you want is all yours. Cherry pie, Apple pie, Pumpkin pie, Pecan pie, Blueberry pie, Key lime pie, Chicken pot pie, or chocolate cream pie. And there are so many more. Whatever taste you want you can get out of pie: sweet, sour, savory.

The second reason. Cake is overrated. Listen cake is advertised for many things like Birthday parties and Weddings which tricks people into thinking cake is better. But I guarantee if you ate Pie more frequently you’d come to say something like this “Pie is way better than cake, I have no idea why I ever thought Cake was better than Pie, Cake is so overrated and Pie is so much better!”

The third reason. If you ask kids what their favorite food a lot of them will say Pie… well not actually they’ll say Pizza which qualifies as a pie. Whether you like pineapple on it or you don’t, whether your friends call you weird for putting ranch on it, If you’re normal and just put pepperoni on it, or if you’re a menace and put peanut butter on it. Pizza is Pizza and it qualifies as a pie. And it is lots of people’s favorite food. 

And that is just why Pie is no doubt better than cake.