First Flying Car


Mekkah Marcus


Never thought to see the day when flying cars would actually make it into existence. 

A flying car, is a vehicle that is able to do the same thing normal cars do, whilst having the ability to fly. And in a year or so, to purchase one for about 500,000$ you’ll have to have a drivers license and be a qualified pilot. Stefan Klein came up with the greatest idea, why fly in a public plane when you can just fly in YOUR car? 

Some may say it’s pricey, others may say it’s worth it and really convenient. In the sky it can fly at approximately 150 miles per hour or more and can travel up to about 500 miles in one flight. With the altitude of 18,000 feet, it can be refueled at any other normal gas station.

As everyone knows air transportation is extremely pollutive, but really almost any form of transportation is pollutive. It’s one of the first craft of it’s kind to be given ‘the green light’ to fly into Slovakia. With just ‘a click of a button’ the aircraft can transition in 2 minutes, folding its’ wings to the side, turning into a sports car.