Six Foods with Surprising Origins

Six Foods with Surprising Origins

Sutton Petersen, Writer

We all know the foods we eat today all around the world but do you know the origins to some of these foods like do you know where croissants come from, how ice cream was made and who created pasta? Well read on to find out about the origins of the foods you eat, how they were made and where they came from. 


  1. Croissants

Do you know the food you sometimes eat for breakfast and usually put butter in? Well You’ll find out how croissants were made.

Whether you eat your croissants plain  or sweet, this delicious, flaky, breakfast treat that’s French culture was actually created in Vienna, Austria. Made to celebrate Easter, with this flaky breakfast meal  first mentioned in the 12th century.


  2.Fish and Chips

If you think of fish and chips you’ll think of the UK but they weren’t actually made there, they were made in Portugal If there’s one thing the UK is famous for, it’s fish and fact it would be pretty hard not to find Fish and chips in London every where you go, the county who made the fish and chips is Portugal.


3.Ice cream

If you think of ice cream you would think of Italy because they have some of the best quality ice cream but that’s wrong because the inventors of ice cream is Mongolia, but they completely made it by accident in the 1200’s- 1300’s. They would put buffalo milk in a container but when the temperature dropped it froze into a dessert now known as ice cream.


  1. Pasta

If you think of pasta you would think its a main dish and originated from Italy but that’s wrong in fact the food you eat weekly/monthly is actually created from china in 1300’s  discovered by European travelers who made egg noodles and now is very popular in Italy and all over the world today.


  1. Donuts

 If you think of donuts you will think of a sweet all different variety of flavors that you would eat for breakfast and you might think it originated from New York, but actually it was created in Greece in 776 BC then was found by New York in 1800 AD and the first flavor of the doughnut was honey and walnuts.



If you think of meatballs and have ever gone to Sweden or not you probably think it was made there since that’s where there known for having the best but in fact they were actually made in turkey in 400 AD then were discovered by Sweden 1700 AD.