Travel To Hawaii You Will Love It


Gavin Ostermick, Author

Hawaii is an amazing place to go on vacation, and it is a perfect place to go for every tropical weekend you go on. You can spend your entire day at the beach, just hang out and go surfing, or you can spend the day exploring a tour around the island. Both are amazing ideas, but what most people in Hawaii prefer to do when they have some free time is go to the beach called Waikiki. It is a beautiful stretch of oceanfront beach, which is Hawaii’s biggest tourist attraction. There is an amazing view of buildings right behind the beach, so if you work there you could take your lunch break on the nearby beach.

They have a selection of food to choose from, and whenever you need to eat there is always a shaved ice place within about 500 feet of where you are. If you are bored, you can visit some more amazing landmarks like The Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park which has a gorgeous view of the green and luscious mountains on the coast of Kawaii. You can take a boat tour around the island of Kawaii to see the Na pali coast and if you want to go to a different island there is plenty to go to. If you want to see a city, go to Honolulu, however, if you’d like to experience wildlife like whales, go to the beautiful island of Maui.

Hawaii is so different from any other island because of the way it was formed through an erupting volcano in the pacific ocean. Also, Hawaii is known for their most clear, cleanest beaches on any other island, which you can take a walk on without stepping on 1 piece of trash. While you are walking on the beach you might see turtle eggs so be careful where ever you walk. Hawaii is the place to go if your looking for a relaxed vacation with beautiful scenery