McAullife Bee Infestation


Bette Brewington

Mrs. Dorfman and her 7th graders struggle in room 300 due to the McAuliffe Administration’s failure to remove a bee hive since the beginning of the 2022 school year. 

7th grade English teacher Mrs. Dorfman is constantly dealing with bees coming from the ceiling making it harder to teach. Students are not focusing in class and constantly worrying about bees that are mostly on or near the windows. In late August the first bee issue of the school caused all students in Mrs. Dorfman’s class to have to evacuate to another classroom on the first floor. There are bee interruptions that happened the next day due to around 50 dead bees around the window area freaking out students. There are still bees flying around the classroom even in late September.

The administration still had failed to get the bee hive, Mrs. Dorfman says, “I don’t think they know exactly where it is.” Students are constantly freaking out and looking at the bees, making it hard for Mrs. Dorfman to teach. She has to balance the assignment and the bees at the same time making sure the students are safe and they can learn at the same time.

Some bees landed on students’ desks and were dealt with quickly without much disruption to the class.  However, Mrs. Dorfman’s class is still on schedule with very few bees being in the classroom at once. The bees are not attacking students and mostly stay near the window area making students less worried about them.