Costa Rica is Waiting!


Flag of Costa Rica

Antonio Troche, Writer

Costa Rica is a great place to travel during summer. It has lush and humid rainforest, beautiful sandy beaches, amazing views and landscapes, and beautiful vibrant animals here are some things you could do in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a bunch of beautiful beaches, here are some you can travel to. One is Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste. If you’re interested, you can surf in the waves, and this place is a great place for people who have just started surfing. Next, Conchal beach, Guanacaste. This is a great place for snorkeling to see the abundance of beautiful coral in the ocean. Dominical beach, South Pacific, is the place for experienced surfers. It’s well known for surfing.

In Costa Rica, You can go on a Nature and Wildlife tour to see the vibrant and colorful animals and plants Costa Rica has. You can also have hiking tours to experience beautiful waterfalls and volcanoes. You can zipline through the forest and see the giant trees. There is a variety of wildlife in the forests like sloths and jaguars. Places to Eat: Costa Rica has a lot of wonderful restaurants. El Lagarto has some foods and drinks on its menu like mixed salads with shrimp and Provolone cheese, and mixed salads with grilled chicken breast. They have some fresh fruit juices, cocktails, pineapple juice, fresh lemonade, and a Strawberry Margarita (ADULTS ONLY).

Costa Rica is a beautiful Country waiting for your arrival!