A Perfect Wife


Taylor Holthus, Author

Have you ever read A Perfect Wife? A Perfect Wife is a novel by Elle Gray, published originally in February of 2021, getting an overall rating of about 4.5/5. I recommend this book to kids aged 13 and over as it includes sexual-related content. This book is not super inappropriate but has a very engrossing storyline.


Elle Gray, an author who lives alone with her two cats and husky, was very interested in crime and thriller novels as a child. Now she invites readers to join her in the exciting adventure of the FBI agents and psychopathic killers throughout the stories.


Blake Wilder joined the FBI at the age of 22 in hopes of solving the case of her parent’s murders and sister’s kidnapping 14 years ago. Now, Blake, creating her own FBI team, gets a new case on a homicide scene involving a brutal murder of a male victim.” But this seemingly simple case turns into a complicated one when Blake finds that a ruthless killer who preys on young red-headed women is on the loose. Blake, determined to solve this case, figures out that this killer has a dark fantasy, he just can’t find the right woman to be in it with him. Casey Cooper is his eighth victim and if Blake wants to save her before this killer decides she’s not the right woman, she must figure this man out quickly.


You should read A Perfect Wife because it includes many excellent elements such as plot, setting, conflict, and resolution. The characters are also introduced nicely and characterized well. A Perfect Wife is the second book from a series, so I recommend reading the first book, “The 7 She Saw”.