The Beautiful Country of Spain

The Beautiful Country of Spain

Emerson Dieruf, Author

    Have you ever been to Spain?  Planning on going?  Spain is a beautiful country in Europe that is chock-full of breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisine, and fun activities and events. If you’re not sure where to start on planning a trip to Spain, here are a few pointers.

    The best time of year to go is during the fall because plane tickets are cheaper, and there are fewer tourists; also try to avoid going in the summer as it’s busy and can be difficult to get a plane ticket.  When you get to Spain, some places you should try and visit are the following:  ‘Alhambra’, ‘Park Güell’, ‘La Sagrada Familia’, the different neighborhoods, museums of any kind, and any celebrations/festivities, as well as any landmarks in the country. Also, while in Spain, your best bet for transportation is by bus as it can help you save money if you have a budget.  But if you insist on renting a car, in some places such as in between buildings, digital assistants such as Siri have a chance to struggle with navigating so just be patient, though that’s not always the case, just be prepared if it does happen.

    If you are going to Spain, it’s also ideal to know Spanish if you don’t know how, or if possible bring someone who knows Spanish with you on the trip, most of the population doesn’t speak any English. But if that’s not possible for you, don’t worry; it’s okay.

    If you’re hungry throughout your trip and decide to go and eat out, try and order local specialties to Spain such as tapas, paella, gazpacho, and many more, and try not to eat food that you’ve already eaten in another country or in the USA, as eating not regional specialties may ruin the Spanish cuisine experience.

     If Spain wasn’t at the top of your travel list, you should plan on going with your family, go out and enjoy all the amazing things that Spain has to offer to tourists!