What Is Colorado Known For


Gavin Ostermick

Colorado Is known for its gorgeous mountains and long and beautiful hikes. People come from all over the country just to hike a couple of miles but when you hike Fountain Valley Trail at Roxborough State Park you will see a gorgeous view of the Red Rocks and it is just a nice walk that is not too hard. If you do it in the morning you will have almost perfect weather. Red Rocks are one of the most visited sites in colorado. There is a theater where bands come from all over the country to play music at this historic site.

Next on the list for beautiful hikes, would be Sky Pond in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a 9.4 miles out and back hike which means you go to a destination and then you go back the way you came. On this hike, you actually end up hiking up a waterfall to reach the first lake which is called the Lake of Glass, the Lake of Glass is the clearest lake you will be able to find. There are many wildlife species like dear, bears, and many more. Once you get to Sky Pond you have a gorgeous view of mountains right over the lake and depending on what time you go, you can have a nice lunch on really big rocks. Then once you feel ready you can head back to the trailhead.