Equal Pay Contract Signed between Men and Women US Soccer players.


Lauren Bisping

Representatives from the united states women’s national team and the united states men’s national team, have signed a contract on September 6th, 2022 on Audi Field in Washington, ending a long-fought battle for equal pay. The women’s team was being paid less than the men for the same or more accomplishments, so they took action and started fighting back against US soccer.

The new contracts “include identical pay structures for appearances and tournament victories, revenue sharing and equitable distribution of World Cup prize money.” And they will be valid through 2028. Both the men’s and women’s team players have been fighting for gender equality in soccer and were happy to see this huge accomplishment.

The women filed federal gender discrimination against US soccer in 2019. Finally, they have settled the debates and both men’s and women’s team players will receive identical pay and bonuses. In response to their accomplishment US Soccer president, Cindy Parlow Cone said in appreciation for everyone who helped, “it wouldn’t get pushed over the line without the men jumping in and being on board with equal pay.” She thanked the men’s team for their support and agreement.

In celebration of the new contracts, the US Women’s team has released new merchandise. Red and purple shirts with player’s numbers but where their name would be it says equal pay. These jerseys might be one of the coolest things they have released yet.