Which Season of Strangers Things is Actually the Best

Which Season of Strangers Things is Actually the Best

Maya Dejene, Author

Of course, everyone already knows and has already seen the new season of Strangers Things, and if you haven’t that’s a little embarrassing. Many people have been watching since 2019, and some even longer, but many people who have watched Stranger Things have said that season four, the newest season, is the best out of all four seasons. I disagree with this entirely and I have my reasons as to why I disagree.

Although the newest season had an amazing plot and well-written storyline, it felt too rushed and didn’t give you as much time to process the number of things that were happening in the show. Because of this, I think that season three is better. Season four did have more events and unpredictable things, but season three didn’t rush through with the story as well as had a good ending, unlike season four. Yes, a cliffhanger is supposed to leave you with unanswered questions, but the way that season four was left off just made people confused with what just happened rather than leaving them with unanswered questions. It didn’t end at a good part because there were so many things happening and so many emotions with the character that it just wasn’t a good place to stop at. Season 3 however showed the whole story and ended at a good part of the season that made sense as to where it ended. 

I would prefer season three over four because the characters had better personalities and had interesting plots that weren’t as confusing. Season three went at a good pace for everyone to understand the show and be able to enjoy it without having to question what was happening. The characters in season four were just uninteresting and didn’t add to the excitement of the show. For example, Eddie was just an overrated character that didn’t matter or add anything to the show, but for some reason, he was a very popular character and everyone who watched the show loved him which I don’t necessarily understand. But of course, everyone is allowed to like any character they want and have their reasons too, but I just think a character such as Lucas or Will should have the popularity that Eddie had in season four. Both Lucas and Will are the main characters that have been in the show since season one and are some of the best characters in the show because of their personalities and characteristics, and they helped the show be a lot less boring, yet they never gained a lot of popularity.

Those are my reasons as to why I believe that season four wasn’t as good as everyone expected it to be and why season three was the better season to watch. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you preferred season four, then that’s great as well because it wasn’t bad, just confusing.