New Virus Detected in China (It’s Not Covid)

New Virus Detected in China (It’s Not Covid)

Jackson Bruns, Author

Scientists discovered a new virus in China that has infected at least 35 people between 2018-2022. They believe the virus is transmitted through close human contact with local rodents. Scientists believe that small shrews have been the source of this virus. Many patients describe coming directly in contact with the animals that are native to grasslands and deciduous forests.

Many of the infected patients are farmers in small villages. Scientists believe that the virus is most commonly transmitted in regions close to the first case. A 53-year-old woman, the first of the 35 confirmed patients, described the symptoms to be very similar to the flu. However, when tested, scientists then found that the virus was new. They have named it Langya virus, or LayV.

Scientists believe there is nothing to worry about. Only 35 people have been infected over the past four years, and there have been zero fatalities. Additionally, the virus has not been able to transmit among humans; it comes only from animals.

Though the virus is not a threat, it has been found to be a member of the “Paramyxoviridae” family. Many of the viruses in this family affect the respiratory system and have high fatality rates. Other viruses in this family include measles, mumps, and Nipah virus. Currently, scientists are studying to find out how the Langya virus is being transmitted through shrews. According to scientists, zoonotic viruses happen all the time, and it is a matter of time before another one happens.