Kevin Durant Trade Drama

Kevin Durant Trade Drama

Grace Hall, Author

With all the recent drama regarding the Nets and Kevin Durant ending because of their recent playoff failure against the Celtics, where they lost 4-0, there has been a lot of trade speculation about him possibly going to the Knicks, Suns, or another team.

Although the team put out that they had, “agree” meaning that Kevin Durant would play with them this year, the speculation is still large since Durant has expressed that he isn’t happy with the team’s ability to win. He came there to show that he could lead a team and build it without Curry, Draymond, and Klay. 

One reason that Durant may want to leave is his teammates. The Nets traded co-star James Harden for Ben Simmons, who hasn’t shown that he has been willing to play or participate to help the team. Another big issue was Kyrie Irving and the league’s vaccination mandate, which prohibited him from playing. Kyrie refused to get the vaccine because it went against what he believed in, and that’s okay, but it might have rubbed some of his teammates the wrong way since he had to miss most of the season. Although Durant is an amazing player, he can’t do it alone.

Durant has been with the Nets since 2019 but had to miss some of his time with them due to injuries. Everyone viewed this team as a championship contender and a team that might overtake teams such as the Warriors as the best team in the league. But this was proven not to be the case. The Nets had fallen into the play-in games and barely made it to the playoffs, just to be swept in the first round by the Celtics. 

Although Kyrie just signed an extension, Durant isn’t sure if he is reliable. Durants frustration is clear as his goal was to win another championship, but it doesn’t seem like that’s gonna happen as soon as he wanted. He had requested a trade and had expressed his dislike of management. It seems that after the Nets have shown that they aren’t going to trade Durant, he has eased off a little but there are many places he still could go.

One of these places is the Knicks. This would be a great fit for Durant because he gets a younger team and gets to stay in New York. They haven’t been good for years but have a loyal fan base that could get behind Durant. He could help to lead this young team to a championship and bring more great players to the Knicks to support him. 

Now for the Phoenix Suns. This was a popular trade place as KD has been known for teaming up with superstar teammates. Here he would’ve had a great supporting star with Devin Booker and Chris Paul. They have been at the top of their conference and have the former coach of the year, Monty Williams. It was said that the trade would’ve gone through if the Suns had added more players or picks. Guess will never know what would’ve happened!