Connector Expands the Services to Swansea

Benny A Gonzalez, Author

A new way of transport opens up to people in Globeville and Elyria – Swansea on the 29th with micro transit. It is a way to help people that don’t have access to cars or anything that lets them drive around. Service for the ridership has doubled more than half starting from 1,672 up to 4,037 in July alone. The 30th the city council will vote on a 3.16 million plan for what the company is going to do to help those in need with money issues or other problems in their life that can’t let them get a car.

This transport is not just in English but also in Spanish because the makers of the company said in an email “It’s important for us to hear from the community so we understand how best to model it in a way that meets  GES’s.” This has been a problem for years in Colorado because of how many people came to the USA to live here, mostly from Hispanic countries where English isn’t the first language.

This is huge because before Denver has found it hard to meet the region’s needs for many people and due to a vote held in 2019 to fill in the gaps for RTD service in the state of Colorado. This means that people that don’t speak English or understand it then they are able to get to a place where they would usually need a car to access.

Now this company is doing something right not just to where they are but to everyone in Denver that cannot understand the language that we speak or know how to speak it and don’t have access to the things we have, due to rent and how hard it is for them to get a job and understand what there coworkers are talking about or even there boss.

A good chunk of Hispanic move to Colorado and don’t know a lot of the language and a company that helps they get some were and can don’t have to worry about not know how to speck this langue that we speck. This company is really doing this state a favor if it was not for them this will not happen.