Therapy Dogs in School

Therapy Dogs in School

Chase Renschen, Author

More than 1,200 parents have signed a petition to bring a beloved therapy dog, Phantom back to the classroom. They say school leaders cut the program on the third day for liability reasons. Parents say the decision was made without warning after two very successful years of having Phantom inside Belmont Hills Elementary School part-time.

While a day at the playground is right up most kids’ alley, school on the other hand can bring mixed emotions. “It just scared me having a large group of people near me,” sixth grader Kylee Wenig said. It’s why post-COVID-19, Bensalem School District enlisted the help of therapy dogs like Phantom to help make learning a bit easier. Kylee says this furry classmate was such an important part of the day that she drew Phantom for the cover of last year’s yearbook.

“Because all the kids love her and stuff and how it makes them feel,” Kylee said. And that’s not all.

“She’s so important that she’s in the book,” Kylee said. It’s why when parents say they were suddenly notified two days into this school year the therapy dogs program was being stopped School district-wide. “The explanation was for liability reasons, that was it,” parent Abby Koss said. Phantom made the students happy and the parents and students are doing everything in their power to get Phantom back he will be missed for the time being. When phantom comes back there will be excitement all around and a sense of happiness in the school.