Hollowed Out Pumpkin Used as a Boat


Briggs Tregenza, Author

A Nebraska man paddled 38 miles down the Missouri River on Saturday in a “boat” made from a hollowed-out pumpkin to celebrate his 60th birthday and hopefully set a new World Record.

Duane Hansen departed from the boat docks in Bellevue, Nebraska, at about 7:30 AM in the pumpkin and got to Nebraska City just after 6:30 PM. Duane Hansen had asked Bellevue city officials to be his witnesses for his record attempt.

The pumpkin boat had the name SS Berta written on the back and had a cupholder carved into the skin. Hansen’s wife, family, and friends were also there to see the journey, the city’s post said, with some of them following him in a proper boat just in case the pumpkin ran into any trouble. 

The previous record for the longest journey by pumpkin boat was 25.5 miles, set in 2018 according to the Guinness World Records website.