Man Bikes 900 Miles to Get a Croissant

Olympia Mays, Author

     In 2022, Albert Van Limbergen, or the man known as the “Croissant Crusader” traveled 870 miles by bike to Southern France to get one flaky yet delicious bite of the French Lavender croissant. The lavender croissant is made from lavender, (obviously) and before being cooked has a light lavender hue.


     This famous lavender croissant shop is located in Boulangerie Roy Le Capitole and is made by the pastry chef, Frédéric Roy. Frédéric Roy had started the art of learning how to make croissants when he went to beginner baking classes. Later, he perfected his baking skills and started to make uncommon croissant fillings and flavors like pistachio, hazelnut, and raspberry just to name a few. Later, when making the lavender croissant, he made sure to use only fresh and quality ingredients, to make the perfect croissant. 


     Meanwhile, Albert Van Limbergen had the chance to do this 2-wheeled vacation because of a few days off from work. Almost a year before the actual trip, Limbergen planned his trip carefully.“I carefully planned a route along smaller rural roads to avoid motorways, busy regional roads, and cars as much as possible,” Limbergen says. A couple of weeks before departing, his croissant trip almost got shut down due to new Covid-19 travel restrictions. Every day, Limbergen’s schedule was like this: Eat breakfast, bike, eat breakfast, bike, find a campsite, sleep, wake up, and then repeat. Frédéric Roy kept a close eye on Limbergen, to track his status. When Limbergen finally reached his destination, he was greeted with a warm welcome, some drinks, and of course, the lavender croissant.