Shooting at High School


Lauren Taylor, Author

Danger – Highschool Shooting


Unknown males shot a high school football coach at Vallejo High School in California after breaking up a fight on campus on September 13, 2022. Although the victim’s name was not released by the police, NBC Bay Area reported that the victim was thought to be Joe Pastrana. After the staff member broke up, many people in the fight fled into a dark-colored sedan with a gun. They shot backward at the rest of the group as they drove away. The staff member was hit with a bullet in the hip but it was not life-threatening. Three classes were still in session and there were about 200 athletes on campus when the shooting occurred. After the shooting, the school went on lockdown. 

“This is a senseless act of violence committed by some individuals who do not value human life,” Williams said. “Enough is Enough. It’s a sad day when anyone is shot in front of our children at school where they should feel safe.” Police Chief Shawny Williams said. 

The news shook the school as more and more people found out. The school was to remain open on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, and would offer mental health providers for students and more safety officers. Even though there was a lot of precaution, the football team took it very hard as they heard their coach was shot.