The Headless Squirrel


Jack Myers, Author

A student named Chris discovered a decapitated squirrel on the McAuliffe field while playing soccer on September 16, 2022. Not many people know how the squirrel got there, but some believe it was a stray coyote, as Denver occasionally can see those. Others think it was a bird of prey that killed it as scavengers finished it off.

The squirrel nicknamed “Joe” was most likely killed the night prior as there is no evidence of it being there the day before. This is not the first dead squirrel spotted near McAuliffe.

Another was found earlier in the school year near the small church around the block. There seems to be no trace of the poor squirrel’s head. One student said, “It’s just quite sad.” 

Another student stated, “I was shocked, grossed out, and thought it was a rat,” while others didn’t care. We can say for sure that most everyone was surprised. This odd mystery left many confused and without answers. It didn’t help that Mr. Dennis disposed of it by the next period. It only makes it weirder that the squirrel near the church that had been there for weeks has mysteriously disappeared without a trace. It is also reported that a dead mouse was found in the gaga pit.

What is McAullife’s secret predator? No one knows.