Counter Surfing For Dogs And How To Stop It

Counter surfing for dogs is the most frustrating phase of having a dog.

Counter Surfing For Dogs And How To Stop It

Charles Augustine, Writer

     Counter surfing! One of the most dangerous times of a dog’s life, if that means eating something unhealthy (Dangerous and Deadly Foods for Dogs) or just cutting themselves with glass. Counter surfing is a time in a dog’s life when they jump onto tables and eat leftover food. Small nimble dags can jump onto the counter entirely while others stand on their hind legs eating the closer food. 

     Some people hurt dogs badly for this bad behavior and a little nudge is OK but when you really hurt them that’s just you having bad behavior. Most dogs counter surf which is usually because one time they smelled the food and took a look then realized that it’s yummy treats for them when nobody’s watching. When they counter surf, they are rewarded for doing a bad deed making them do it more often. This makes it so that every moment that you’re gone, they take the opportunity to clean the table. This is also bad because if they eat something bad, you would never know why they threw up. 

    A couple of ways to stop your dog from counter surfing are cleaning the tables after eating from them so when the dog jumps up, they will not be rewarded and stop acting this way. When they jump on the tables they have to use a lot of energy and when they don’t get rewards from this act they will give up and stop.

      If you don’t really like waiting for this to stop or if you always forget, you can put up a camera connected to one of your devices and leave your home with food on the table. You also need to put a remote control shock collar on your dog’s neck. The next step is watching your device waiting for the dog to make its move. When you see your pet jump on the counter you then shock your dog and keep doing it until the dog learns not to jump up anymore.