Trailmakers Game Review

Trailmakers Game Review

Ian Hopper, Author

Trailmakers is a creative, Lego-like building game for computers and Xbox going for $25 with optional addons like the High Seas Expantion, allowing you to make sailboats and hanglider-like things for an additional $9.99.

Trailmakers is a game released on January 30, 2018 and developed by Flashbulb Gmes. Trailmakers is a game where you are a little character in a futuristic world with multiple game modes and realistic physics. The game modes are Creative/sandbox mode where you have unlimited building materials, and choice of map where you can also invite your friends to play with you. Campaign mode where you follow a storyline with multiple characters and limited materials. And PVP. 

The game has tons of mechanics like cannons, rocket boosters, crate cannons, powerful engines and much more.

 The game is recommended for 8+ by reviewers  due to its PvP feature. Also rating it with stats like

  • Gore: 1/10 due to occasional vehicle explosion
  • Violence: 4/10 because you can weaponize your builds with cannons and laser guns
  • Creativity: 8/10 because you have a vast amount of blocks and mechanics where you can make almost anything
  • Positive role models: -/10 due to the fact that characters don’t talk or do any actions without your control.
  • Romance: 0/10 no romance or sexual tention can be seen in this game
  • Language: 0/10 there are not talking characters or voice chat

The most played gamemode is sandbox where you can choose your map with unlimited building materials. In sandbox mode you can also explore the makerspace where you can find, revise, and play with other, more experienced builders’ creations and find inspiration. The sandbox game mode also makes it easier to make things like planes and submarines. Though the building and physics and controls of cars and ground vehicles are already simple enough.

Overall, this is a great game for most ages, that I would recommend.

This game gets a solid 7/10 or ⭐⭐⭐⭐ With the only downside being that the inital building and controls hard to figure out.