Other Types Of Pizzas Are Better Than Hawaiian Pizza


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Pineapple pizza is gross

Emely Maldonado, Staff writer

I believe that any other pizza is better than Hawaiian pizza because other pizzas are fresh out of the oven, they have cooked toppings on them, and I think that they have a better flavor because they taste delicious and warm. I dislike Hawaiian pizza because of the fact that they put pineapple on pizza. Who puts pineapple on pizza?! I don’t like pineapple enough to have it on pizza. I also don’t like that they put pineapple on the pizza right after it’s out of the oven because it gets warm and disgusting. Warm fruits in general are gross and I apologize to Hawaiian pizza lovers but it disgusts me in so many different ways. I think that pizza should just have meat because it is delicious, especially three-meat pizza. Also, again this is just my opinion and we are all entitled to different opinions.