Tips For The New School Year

Tips For The New School Year

Jordyn Fulcher, Writer

It’s that time of year most of us don’t look forward to, school. Even though we have been back for about a month now, there are still some things that everyone needs to learn to make sure this school year is great. Not only for you but for all your peers and everyone around you.

Tip #1: Be nice. It’s a little cliche but it’s true! Being mean doesn’t make you look cool in any way. It really just makes people dislike you and not want to be around you. Not to mention when you’re mean to your own friends and talking behind people’s backs. It’s just not cute. And it gets boring after a while, constantly hating on people can slowly become boring.

Tip#2: WALK. The halls at school are very narrow meaning they work a certain way and a system where you and your whole friend group stop in the middle of the hallway is ruining the flow. And if you stop in the middle and get pushed and shoved out of the way because some people can not be bothered to walk around you, just don’t get upset and offended because you stopped the flow and got moved.

Tip#3: Don’t be difficult on purpose. Just like I said about being nice, it’s not cute or cool to be rude to workers at the school. People that like to start arguments with teachers are very annoying and are just a huge disruption. I’m not saying love every teacher, as a matter of fact, hate all of the teachers you have if you feel like it, but don’t be disrespectful. It’s not at all a good look.

So, there you have it. All in all, don’t be a disruption and focus on yourself. The tips I have given you today should not only help you have a good year but will also insure your peers are okay!