Conan Gray Sings a Controversial National Anthem

Conan Gray Sings a Controversial National Anthem

Valentina B, Writer

The Youtube singer turned pop star Conan Gray’s debut was in march 2017, he has had a shockingly sudden rise in popularity and has performed at numerous music events such as Coachella and The Met Gala!

Shortly after the singer had been invited to sing the National Anthem at one of the most significant baseball events, “The home run Derby.” Many fans seemed to be proud of the singer’s accomplishments but others seem to strongly disagree. Non-fans spreading controversy calling the cover, “ the worst national anthem ever.”

While fans had been trying to defend the singer, MLB fans had quickly raged with reviews and comments such as, “who the hell is Conan Gray and why did he agree to do this?”  Also, “I don’t know who TF Conan Gray is, but that was top 5 worst National Anthem renditions I’ve ever heard,” tweeted Patrick Sheldon, the co-host of the “Bear Down Chicago” podcast. Said one of the 5news directors, “Idk who Conan Gray and I wish it stayed that way. I’ve sung better anthems in the shower.”

However, fans and non-fans began to defend the 23-year-old singer. “I don’t know who Conan Gray is but I just heard him sing and he was fine so y’all leave him alone.” Writer, Jennifer C. Martin adds,  “I have only known about the existence of Conan Gray for five minutes, but from a photos search, I support him and everything he does and his entire weird shtick. Who cares about the National Anthem? America sucks.”

The millions of MLB fans were not pleased which had brought Conan Gray quite the clout and this controversy aside, everyone is wondering, where is the pop star headed now in his career?