School District Reinstates Corporal Punishment


Adam W. Bellomo

 In the Casvil School district of Missouri, the school leaders have reinstated corporal punishments that allow parents to provide the school with the right to paddle their children and it has been in effect as early as August 27th. Corporal punishment has been a concept for a very long time but as the world has developed it has been abolished almost everywhere. Whipping is one of the oldest forms of corporal punishment that was used in England for minor crimes up until 1862. It was also used in the Royal Navy but it too was eventually abolished in 1881. Up until the 20th century corporal punishment has been a staple of any child’s life. From the dunking of heads in water to teachers forcing children to put their hands on the table and beating their knuckles with a ruler, corporal punishment has long been a form of discipline. Luckily, by 2004 almost every country in North America and Europe has banned most forms of corporal punishment. The punishment of children at home would also be banned at the same time, starting with Sweden in 1979 and then many countries would follow.  

The Casvil district brought back the outdated technique because of certain parents. Casvil is a traditional Southern town of about 4,000 people and its residents have been said to show extreme dissatisfaction with the lack of bodily punishment, quote, “Spare the rod, Spoil the child.” 

Luckily though, parents can choose whether or not their children can be paddled.  There is only one flaw with this mindset, the child has no say and may lose the safety of schools. This reinstatement doesn’t threaten the children whose parent’s views are aligned with theirs but it doubles down with children with bad parents who may hurt them at home. School has always been a safe place for learning and growth but this reinstatement defies that. For those children, home isn’t safe, school isn’t safe, and though they may have a roof over their heads, they have no true home. So, it is my opinion that this reinstatement is a cruel and unjust act that reverses the efforts to make schools safe for children.