High School Football Players Save Woman Trapped in Wrecked Car


Sophie Lyons

Highschoolers Treyvon Adams, Antwion Carey, Cesar Parker, Messiah Daniels, Tyson Brown, and Alto Moore were all heading to school together when they witnessed a horrible car collision on the streets of Georgia, resulting in one car being bent out of shape and totaled. The woman inside one of the cars (who has decided to remain anonymous) was screaming for help and the teens saw she was badly injured.
“We just ran as fast as we could to the lady and check on her to see if she was alright,” Adams explained. “We were seeing she was in pain, she was screaming and asking us to help her.” The Rome city Football players had to work together to get the woman out. “We used all our muscles,” Adams said. “We’re pretty big people, we’re strong. We play football, so we lift weights a lot, but (the door) was just extremely bent and broke.” It all happened in about a minute.

Once they got the woman out, they called an ambulance to take the lady to the hospital. Before heading to school they checked on the other driver who was okay. Later, in a post on Twitter, the school’s football team wrote “PROUD of our MEN”. At the end of the day, the rescuers admitted, though happy about the recognition, that anyone would have done it.