Advice for 6th graders


Sophia A. Layden and Zoe Zunker

Coming into a school as large as McAuliffe can be scary especially if you come from a smaller school. Many adjustments are made like lockers, more classes, and extended hall time without traveling in “single file lines” with your class. These changes come with lots of responsibilities that can be hard to keep track of. Here are some helpful tips from your fellow 8th graders to make your transition into middle school better


  • Always bring your materials to class (pencil, computer, notebook, and class book if needed. Don’t forget a choice novel as well!)
  • Try your best to always be on time. Sometimes your locker won’t open or you have to run to a different floor which is okay, but always try your best to make it to class.
  • Make friends. This may be hard since there are so many kids, but don’t get discouraged. Ask for people’s numbers or ask to sit with people. Even talking with your table partners can turn into a long friendship
  • PACK WATER! Most of you probably know that we don’t have AC. The building can get very hot during school hours. Bringing water can help keep you focused and cool while you work or do P.E
  •  Don’t chew gum… yes, it’s fun and yes it makes class less boring, but it’s not fun when that one teacher yells spit out the gum. It’s not as cool as you think. If you really think your breath smells bad, just pop a mint.
  • Get good grades and try your best. It can be a pain if you fall behind and have to make up work. Getting good grades can help you in the future. You can get these by always showing up, asking questions, and 
  • Do your homework. You might have not had homework at your last school and could be an adjustment, but always try to get your homework done. Whether that means asking parents or siblings or being on call with friends, do whatever it takes just to get your work done.
  • Get involved in clubs and sports. Getting involved around school with clubs in sports can help you make friends and learn new things. There are so many clubs and sports to try out and if you don’t find one you like, you can make try suggesting to a teacher that 
  • Don’t wear AirPods when you’re not supposed to. Even though wearing AirPods/ any sort of headphones makes class less boring, it can distract you and you can fall behind. Teachers also take AirPods away! It sucks so just don’t use them.
  • Stand up for yourself and others. If you see someone picking on another student, don’t be afraid to say something. You can report it to safe2tell, any counselor, or a parent if you would prefer not to get involved. Also if someone is picking on you, say speak up, say stop, or do anything to make them leave but remember violence is never the answer.


We hope you guys enjoy your year as 6th graders and the years to come. These tips are really important because we were 6th graders once, and we made mistakes too. Mistakes will happen, but we wanted to share this advice with you to make sure your 6th grade is fun! Also, don’t forget to enjoy it <3