Paris is the Place to Go


Charles Augustine, Writer

     If you want to go somewhere this year, then Paris is your next stop. Paris is the most romantic city in the world, and the language that’s spoken there, French, is fabulous. Paris has multiple gorgeous landmarks such as the Eiffel tower. The sights are shown in magazines, movies, and other works of art. Paris is packed with things to do so you will never be bored. 

     One of the best reasons to go to Paris is the food. The food there has earned itself a place on the list of best cuisines in the world. Tons of foodies travel all over the world to try French food. The deserts there are chocolate mousse, caramel cream, cream brûlée, éclairs, soufflé chocolate.

French food is quite fascinating considering that some of the inspiration for French cuisine was back in medieval times. Back then their foods were meat, fruit, and grains, while peasants ate diets high in vegetables and legumes. Expensive salt and imported spices were widely used in the kitchens. Over the years, as cultures shifted and transformed, so did French cooking. Cooking began to lighten and dishes in France began to shape into a cuisine we would more readily recognize today.

     Even if you’re not an art fanatic, it can be quite fascinating to see some of the famous art and culture that came out of this world capital, such as the Mona Lisa. France’s stunning medieval architecture, its great Renaissance chateau, and its artistic and cultural heritage, in general, make the most beautiful works of art.