Dog Saves Woman from Bear Attack


Lauren Taylor, Author

Jack Russell terrier saves Susan Lee from a black bear attack on August 20, 2022, on her property in Vermont by barking loudly at the bear, out of defense of its owner and scaring away the bear. Sixty-one year old Susan Lee got bitten by the black bear on her left leg after tripping over a rock but was able to escape with her two dogs and got to a hospital with help from her neighbors after her terrier diverted the focus of the black bear by barking at it. The terrier had no injuries after saving its owner but Susan Lee had minor injuries ranging from scratches and bites two inches to nine inches deep. The bear was thought to be a mother that attacked in defense of her cubs with a warning bite. The bear has not been found by wildlife officials yet. If Susan Lee’s dog was not there the bear could have hurt her more but most likely, the bear would have stopped after a warning bite, if it was a mother of cubs. 

Bear attacks are extremely rare and only three have been reported in Vermont. But bears have been moving into family units and are extremely protective of their young. If a black bear ever seems like it will attack you back away slowly but if the bear physically attacks, you should fight back.