Dogs are a Better Pet Than Cats 


Harlowe Lutz, Writer

Did you know that a dog can understand you and save your life? Today, you will learn my opinion about which I prefer, and if you like cats more I will show you why I think dogs are better.

In my opinion, I think dogs are better pets than cats because they are loyal, they understand you, and most of all they keep you safe.

First of all, dogs are very loyal and are great listeners. If you have a secret to tell then your dog will always be there to listen. Also, if you had a bad day at work or school, a dog will always lay with you and be there for you, while a cat would just stay where they are with no interest in making you feel better. Additionally, if you are bored you can always play with your dog. When your dog gets tired it will communicate that and will still want you and your company around. In contrast, if you are playing with a cat it might want to stop all of a sudden.

Dogs also understand you. For example, not long ago I got surgery, and when my parents were busy doing something, my dog stayed with me the whole time. She knew and understood that I was hurt. Also, if you had a bad day your dog will stay with you and lick away your tears when you are sad because they are always there for you. Additionally, when you are happy they will play with you because they know you are so glad.

Dogs help keep you safe and if you have a dog you probably know the routine of a dog jumping and barking whenever someone comes to the door. You might think that’s annoying but what if there was a robber at the door you would be glad if they barked. Another reason they keep you safe is if there is a fire they can warn you and you can get out safely.

In conclusion, I believe dogs are much better pets because they are loyal, understand you, and keep you safe. Now you should go get a dog.