Video Game Reviews- Hollow Knight


Isaiah Wimbs, Writer

Video Game Reviews

This is Isaiah Wimbs here with the first episode of this hopefully ongoing series where I review different video games. The first enemy to be slain is Hollow Knight.

The Team

Hollow Knight was made in 2017 and was designed by Team Cherry in South Australia. They are currently working on a sequel!

The Design

The game is very atmospheric and in certain places, you can use the music and the visuals to piece together the past of the place and where it is during the present. I would suggest playing the game or watching a video on Youtube.

The generic enemies make sense in any location. The enemies in the palace are all guards and defense mechanisms. Then, comes the bosses, the first one hits you with a surprise. Another thing the Hunters Journal, it keeps track of all the enemies and bosses, all 164 of them. You have to kill most of them multiple times but, you get an achievement and an item if you’re into that but let’s get into more detail of…

The Enemies

They are good, the basic ones fit pretty much anywhere the others all fit into their environment. They also are good for finding lore and the environment thing even though they can get annoying… like in Deepnest.

The Bosses

The bosses are a lot of fun and provide a challenge if you want to really be challenged, do the pantheon of Hollownest. It is a post-game area where you do boss rushes, and the 7 Journal entries are hidden there so have fun!


This game is amazing. When you discover a new item the game doesn’t spend the next 10 minutes explaining how to use it the atmosphere is top-notch and the bosses provide a fun challenge. The multiple endings are hidden somewhat well and there are secrets around every corner.

That’s all for this episode buckaroos! See you again today, tomorrow, or anytime convenient for you! Bye!