Henry VIII’s Wives will Step into Power on Broadway


Margaret Bingham, Writer

“Six” the play is set to be the very first play on Broadway since the theaters closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Six,” a play that was never able to properly make its debut on the stages of Broadway because it was set to debut the day it closed down because of COVID, is about the six (hence the name) wives of King Henry the VIII of England. In the play, the women (Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and  Katherine Parr) are able to step into their pop power (before they are beheaded, of course.) The play was originally a college student play that was loved so much, it was adapted to Broadway. The play is directed by Lucy Moss, and written by Toby Marlow.

Catherine of Aragon was King Henry’s first wife, but she gave birth to no male heir. He began to lose his fondness of her and wanted to divorce her. Because he was Catholic at the time, he went to the Pope, but the notion was not approved. Henry established the church of England, just so he could transfer to it, divorce Catherine, and marry Anne Boleyn, whom he had become smitten with. Anne Boleyn was by no means interested in becoming a mistress. She birthed no son, and was beheaded. The terms of her execution are still a mystery. Just days after her execution, Henry married Jane Seymour, and was able to birth a son, but died in the process. Henry then married Anne of Cleves, whom he thought to be beautiful because he saw a portrait of her, but when he met her, she was immediately deemed “the ugly one.” Henry tried to halt the wedding, but his efforts failed. Rumors of infidelity rose, and they were divorced just six months after their wedding. Henry’s, “rose without a thorn” he called her, fifth wife was treasured and showered with gifts. Alas, Catherine Howard was executed for adultery and treason. Henry’s sixth and final wife, Katherine parr was not murdered or divorced, and had outlived Henry, surpassing his life by one year. You can easily say she was the lucky one.

“Six” is set to (finally) start its debut on September 17th, but it will officially open October 3rd. Broadway says that this will be the first play to be performed in, with full capacity, because the cast features just the half a dozen mentioned, and the play is a mere 75 minutes long. Face coverings, and proof of vaccination or negative COVID test is required, as expected.

This play will hopefully create a wave of openings for more beloved productions that have remained dark throughout the pandemic.